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5 Reasons Why Modern Woman wants a Footmat

By Triveni Thakur: Modern women are far supreme among the women in the previous times. Today, she is queen in every sense. Whether it is taking care of business, home or managing any leadership, modern women can carry out any task…

Daily meditation can slow ageing too

For those who do meditation regularly, here is another good news. Researchers report that apart from reducing blood pressure and heart disease risk, Transcendental Meditation technique and lifestyle changes can slow cellular death too.…

Sulagna Dash – A Blessed Singer

By Srikant Mohanty: “Tell me I am clever, Tell me I am talented, Tell me I am cute, Tell me I am sensitive, graceful and wise, Tell me I am perfect- But tell me the truth”. This wonderful quote by Shel Silverstein- the American poet, singer…
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