Monalisa – Woman YouTube Star from Odisha Village

Monalisa from a village near Jajpur is currently a trending YouTuber.


TNI Bureau: In present times, content creation for social media platforms is a very common form of work, especially for GenZ. But breaking stereotypes on numerous levels, Monalisa Bhadra, a woman from a village near Odisha’s Jajpur district, is a successful YouTuber with 2.26 million subscribers.

She Monalisa Bhadra Jajpur YouTubeexpresses her love for nature and animals in her videos. Most of them are about her friendship with monkeys, langurs, and such animals. She has also kept a monkey and a langur as her pets whom she treats like family.

Monalisa’s YouTube journey started way back in 2016 when her husband, Badri Narayan Bhadra, uploaded a video of her feeding the monkeys. That video quickly became viral and in no time she was trending on YouTube. That was the breakthrough point in her life.

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Monalisa’s videos are not restricted to a single type of content. Besides feeding monkeys in the videos, Monalisa also rides a motorcycle, Volvo bus and gets involved in all kinds of hobbies with extreme ease like horse riding and plowing with a tractor. She has created a base for herself with such entertaining and unusual videos. No wonder why she gets about 7.7 million views per video and has millions of subscribers within 4 years. She earns approximately 1 lakh rupees per month from her YouTube videos.

This is a tremendous feat for a simple village woman. She is also happy with the fact that she went out of her way to create an image of herself by doing what makes her happy. Other people from her village are very proud of her because no one from that village had ever seen so much fame.

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