Equality Or Rule? What The Modern Women Want?

A woman is a lovely term, a woman who can be categorized as a mother, sister, grandma, wife, daughter, or ruler. Women have never shied away from their obligations. They have consistently demonstrated their abilities in every business. Either it is now or it was 50 years ago. However, society has always put them to the test. It can either strengthen or weaken a lady depending on the situation.

A woman has always played every role in every aspect of her life, as well as the lives of others. They did a fantastic job at balancing and tying everything together. She is someone who rules the outer world while also functioning as a wife at home. A woman only endures for as long as she is treated with respect by those around her and as an equal by the populace. But when it comes time for our world to acknowledge a woman’s good actions, they always let her down.

She is the only one in this world who is still fighting to gain that respect, to gain that equality, which they already lost some years ago but maybe expect to win this time. It’s kind of unfair to her right? 

She is conquering this world to prove her presence, to prove her strength. Even after winning in every sector, she is asked to stay behind, she is asked to stay home, cause she is not as strong as men, and she is not equal to the man of hers.

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She consistently chooses equality over anything else when asked if she wants power or equality. She never sought to dominate anyone or rule over this globe. but to establish her authority and place. She must make everyone lower.

She is ruling in most areas. She is better off today, but not equal to men, why? Although there has been progressed for women, men continue to hold the top positions in both business and government, why? 

Women have held positions of power for a long time, among them Elizabeth, Indira Gandhi, Golda Meir, Isabel Peron, and numerous more. Many, including Nirmala Sitharaman, are currently in charge of the nation’s affairs. They have demonstrated their abilities in athletics, science, entertainment, and other areas in addition to politics. But males are usually the solution when we discuss superiority.

When will our society get over these questions? When will we start praising our women for achieving so much? Why do we always have to degrade women by asking such questions? 

The fact is that both men and women are capable of excellence in every subject. There is no longer any space left to establish superiority. We need to rise above this and begin valuing them for both their uniqueness and their excellent management of this civilization. They must begin collaborating to achieve their objectives.


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