Rape: When will it STOP?

TNI Bureau: On 23rd January, in Mumbai, a 20-month-old baby has been allegedly raped by her neighbors. The parents were concerned when the baby kept crying and found out that the toddler was in pain. 

On the same day, another news come up where a minor was detained for raping a minor girl in the state capital Bhopal.

Another news came up where three were sentenced to 20 years of rigorous imprisonment in a gang rape case in Haryana’s Panipat.

These are the reports of one day, and who knows how many were unnoticed, and how many were not filed?

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The rape cases in India are rising day by day. In India, The fourth most common crime against women is rape. This demonstrates how powerful men are as compared to women. A woman is always the victim. For the satisfaction of another man’s want and lust, the victims of these rapes are ravished like animals. The goal was to compromise the victim’s mental and bodily integrity. 

It has taken a lengthy fight for rape to be recognized as a crime against the physical integrity and sexual liberty of women, despite the fact that it is one of the most terrible and barbaric crimes in history. Women had no rights and were treated like mere property for most of history, hence rape was only considered a crime in terms of violating another man’s property.

“While a murderer damages the physical structure of the victim, a rapist degrades and defiles the soul of a helpless female,” Justice Arjit Pasayat said.

The number of instances has not decreased despite the severe measures implemented against rapists. Women are being victimized at an increasing rate. The ladies of this nation will constantly be in fear unless the government takes strict action against these individuals.

From toddlers to old women, no women have been left. Everyone has suffered the same pain. Women are dominated badly and left like an animal. There are no women left to understand the pain, not even young girls or elderly ones. The anguish was shared by everyone. Women are treated cruelly and abandoned like pets. When will this end? What future does it have? Can get over it or not?

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