10 Top Mobile Apps That Women Love to Install

Numerous apps have simplified and disciplined our lives. However, there is a tonne of apps that are exclusively designed to reassure women and simplify and control their lifestyle, and ladies adore having them loaded in their phones. A few of the apps include:

Clue – period tracking app

The clue is suitable for you if you have a period. It is among the most frequently suggested period-tracking apps by OB/GYNs. The clue can help you keep track of your menstrual cycle like an expert, whether you want to make sure you know when your period will start or track your mood while you’re on it. 


One of the well-known applications for girls entering the dating scene is Bumble. You can broaden your professional network or connect with new people with the app. You can also use SuperSwipe to attract the interest of the person you want. Using the three modes that Bumble, Date, BFF, and Bizz offer, you can meet people in various areas.


A personal financial app can help you manage your finances. You might keep tabs on your spending and make a monthly budget. If you want to start saving for a project or just want to know how much money you actually spend each month, you may use it to allocate your budget to all of your family’s and household’s needs.


The app splits bills incurred by a group of people, as implied by its name. It may be a meal out, a trip, or continuous costs. Splitwise eliminates the need for awkward IOU conversations even while it doesn’t help with the actual payments—you’ll need Venmo, PayPal, etc. for that.

Sleep score

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You can learn your sleep quality using the new SleepScore app. It analyses the movement of your body while you sleep and uses the speakers on your phone to determine what stage of sleep you’re in. You can find out how well you slept for free, but you’ll have to pay for advice on how to sleep better.


Right now, meditation is very popular, especially for anxiety management. Although Headspace has a price tag, it’s worthwhile to access its extensive library of guided meditation courses and special episodes addressing issues like stress or rage. The available segments range in duration from three to ten minutes. The application has a stunning, color-coordinated interface that makes it simple to use.


This app excels in having a database of over 30,000 cosmetic items, which sets it apart from similar apps. There’s no need to freak out if they don’t know anything about a specific product just snap the component and a report will be generated for you. With the help of this software, you will be able to identify skin-allergic and potentially dangerous items.


Flipboard gathers the news stories that interest you the most in a single, convenient spot. You may choose the types of stories you’re most interested in when you download the app, and Flipboard will compile “magazines” of the most recent news for you based on your choices. It’s a terrific way to keep up with the news and organize it according to your interests.


The list-making app Wunderlist will become your new best friend. You may establish collaborative lists for tasks like work so that everyone can help around the house in addition to managing your individual to-do lists.

Candy crush soda saga

This is for people who use public transportation or a private automobile to get to work, school, or other destinations every day. Playing the incredibly engaging Candy Crush Soda Saga Game is a great alternative to the monotonous daily outside view. This puzzle-style game may be downloaded from iTunes for Apple iOS devices and the Play Store on Android devices. Once again, this app is totally free.

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