‘Barfi’ shows Bollywood the Right Way


TNI Bureau: After watching ‘Barfi’ and analysing Big B Amitabh Bachchan’s tweet, it would be impartial to opine that the film shows Bollywood the right way. The simplicity of the three protagonist characters in the film and talent of Ranbir as well as Priyanka, as physically challenged characters makes worthy the film and makes it a ‘must see’ one.

Bollywood has its own concepts, styles and sometime typical treatments towards the special characters. In this context, when it comes to exhibit a specially challenged character we recall Sridevi in ‘Sadma’ or ‘Nana patekar in ‘Khamoshi’ and a long list of names. Audience even sometimes blame that the concept of a physically challenged character is put in a film to make them extra emotional.

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But in any case, ‘Barfi’ definitely claims applause for all three of its pivotal characters via Ranbir Kapoor as a deaf and dumb boy, Priyanka Chopra as an autistic babe and the third character, who is of course not with any physical disability but probably put their to balance the former two in case the film goes downwards as the challenged two are not complete with all human abilities. But we are happy all of them have come out successful.

Anurag Basu, director of the film of course presented a risky and new concept besides the two risky characters, who might have failed. But the film successfully depicts the love saga of a deaf and mute boy and an autistic girl. The movie can be tagged as a beacon of change in Indian cinema, as per Big B, the Bhishma Pitamah of Bollywood.

Kudos to both Ranbir and Priyanka, for their outstanding performance in the film, and for truly representing practical life hazards of the disable community. Like Hrithik Roshan in ‘Guzarish’, in Barfi both of them have acted perfectly to convey the message that this is the new and simple approach of Bollywood to present these disable characters. And thankfully Priyanka has completely wiped out her past imperfections of over acting in certain earlier films. But this time she has truly succeed to not to present a single bit of glamour in her role, which she had accustomed to in the past, but still she steal the show.


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