Ollywood Conflict: Anubhav Mohanty appeals for Odia Unity

TNI Bureau: Amid the ongoing conflict among the Odia film fraternity, Ollywood star Anubhav Mohanty has appealed the youth of Odisha to come forward and stand for Odia unity.

Anubhav in a Facebook post alleged that a particular individual whom he referred as Mr. Recording is spreading hatred. However, the actor urged everyone to immediately put a full stop to such “manmade-hatred” and spread the message of love all over.

Anubhav said, “Deeply pained to see the way good Odia films like Pratha, My Sweet House Wife, Rowdy Raja, Misiri, Inspector Sanaa & many more are being deprived of their respectful releases and love that they deserve. We shouldn’t forget that today’s Odia Film Family is the result of immense love, hard works, sweat and blood & unconditional sacrifices of so many Legends & blessings of billions of Odia Cinema Lovers since 1936!”

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He also said, “Odisha is our dearest mother. She never discriminated amongst her children from northern, southern, eastern, western or cental parts because each one of them have always been unique & special to her for their respective cultural, traditional and emotional values. Then why are we doing this unforgivable mistake by even thinking of hacking our sweet Mother into pieces!”

“It’s more than high time for us to immediately put a full stop to this “manmade-hatred” & spread the message of love all over. We were and we will always remain one family and take the pride to be the children of such a lovely Mother, “Odisha,” Mohanty said.

The actor further said, “I appeal every youth of mother Odisha to come forward and stand for our unity. Tolerated more than enough. Those brainless who are spreading sponsored hatred under the crooked leadership of Mr. Recording to divide us should realise that the strength of love (strictly no violence) when western, eastern, southern, northern and central Odisha stand together, can knockout every dirty mind game!

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