Ram Jethmalani sends ‘Letter Bomb’ to Gadkari


TNI Bureau: Eminent lawyer and Rajya Sabha MP, Ram Jethmalani has created a massive storm within the BJP with a strong-worded letter to BJP President Nitin Gadkari.

Jethmalani has slammed the party for being apathetic to people’s concerns and issues related to common man, saying BJP failed to corner the Congress on several fronts. HE alleged that the party leaders are seen giving an impression to the people that they were also acting in an incompetent manner.

“I am concerned about the sickness of our party which registers no response to the even greater sickness of the ruling party,” he wrote. Jethmalani asked Gadkari to take a more active role in highlighting the shortcomings and failures of the UPA Government.

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“The nation wants feverish action. What does it get instead? Tongue tied leaders busy pulling down one another and creating an unmistakable impression that they are suffering from some inexplicable inertia and paralysis,” wrote Rm Jethmalani.

The eminent lawyer also criticized BJP and Gadkari for failing to pick up a better candidate for the upcoming Presidential Polls, saying, I am revolted by the incompetence of our leaders. We should not propose to lie low in the President’s election when Congress chief Sonia Gandhi is trying to “foist” Mukherjee on this “unfortunate nation”.

“Today, the nation has realized that its poverty and destitution are the result of widespread corruption and large- scale larceny of the national assets by mainly our present rulers. I am convinced and so is the nation by and large that half the present cabinet ought to be in jail,” he wrote.

“Our party leaders should be going round the country and proclaiming the stark truth. Our party workers must be holding demonstrations in every city and hamlet, in fact every nook and corner of the country. The nation wants feverish action,” Jethmalani said.

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