Should Mixed Wrestling be allowed in India?


By Triveni Sharma: It is a misconception that wrestling is just for men, as there are many women who are quite efficient to prove their worth in the wrestling field.  While mixed wrestling is getting widespread acceptance across the globe, it is still considered as a taboo in India.

Our society always treats women as a soft gender, but when everyone says that they are equal, then why not they can equally show their physical potential in the mixed battle? In India, many men and women like competing with each other physically in the battle field. But they hardly get a chance, as women are always treated a fragile and weak gender by all.

Many women want that mixed wrestling should be a common sport of the country, especially for those who love to come to blows and show their physical power to their male counterparts.

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There are many Indian people who want that mixed wrestling should be allowed in the country. As they find this activity to be infinitely pleasurable and enjoyable. Where some people love to see how women conquer men in the wrestling, many of them like to accept the challenge and fight to prove them.

In the male dominating country like India, mixed wrestling is the best option where women can show their worth and physical power, which is not less than any men.  Mixed wrestling can be extremely and enjoyable for both the genders.

Though, they have slightly different bodies. So when participating in a mixed wrestling match, it is important to make sure that the wrestling moves are attuned with both sexes. Without a doubt, it should be allowed in India as a common sport with certain terms and conditions so that no one can get hurt or injured badly during the battle.

  1. S Kumar says

    A really bold and impressive article. Good to know that open minded people like you are there in journalism.

    Check out this link this also seemed interesting

  2. Robby says

    She is right because there are many people in india(both Men and Women)would like to have fun this way but they are unable to discuss the same with others.I guess writer of this article also felt the same that is why she wrote this …Well done Triveni sharma

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