Rajdhani Express: A Complete Review


TNI Bureau: “Rajdhani Express” is such kind of film, which is not supposed to be made. The film will take the Tennis ace Leander Paes nowhere. Its better he should not sign any project as an actor, he should concentrate more on his game not the entertainment world. The film is based on theme, which is full of confusion and it’s very hard to reach the conclusion.

The failure of the film might be the lesson in disguise for the filmmakers, who want to invest in such kind of cheap films. The faces in the films are quite familiar to us, but sad to say, they will not win people’s heart. The film will simply fall flat despite having the handsome artist like Priyanshu.

The film revolves around a person called Keshav (Leander Paes), who is running away from Delhi man Bhaijee (Kiran Kumar). He boards on the Rajdhani Express from Delhi to Mumbai where he finds co-passengers BC Banerjee (Priyanshu), Munish (Sudhansu Pandey) and Sunita (Pooja Bose) and several other weird characters.

Another character Yadav (Jimmy Shergill) comes in to the compartment. He is a police officer and searching for someone. He wants to settle some old scores with a politician Indrale (Ishrat Ali) for not very apparent reasons.

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Keshav comes to know during his journey that discrimination is everywhere in different forms. However, his emotions are not revealed properly. He is going through dilemma. The director might have failed to bring the emotion out of their heart to his face.

Priyanshu fails to do his best shot in the film. The entire scene at the train will take you to the world of confusion. It is hard to understand what is going on in the film? The performances of Sudhanshu Pandey, Gulshan Grover and Puja Bose could not attract the audience to step into the theatre.

Jimmy Shergill has attempted to justify his character, but cannot give his best. He looks into the camera the way when the artists used to look in early 80s.

If we will analyse the cinematography of the film, it is completely bad. The dialogues are not impressive and dominating.

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