Over 3 Lakh Newborns die in India: Study


Despite various programmes for pregnant women, India topped the global list of newborn babies deaths. According to the latest ‘State Of The World’s Mothers 2013’ report, more than 3 lakh newborns die on the first day in India than in any other country.

Every year, over 309,300 children (29% of global share) in India die right after their birth because of delivery complications, unhygienic environment and poor maternal health. The countries like Nigeria, Pakistan and China recorded the number of first-day deaths at 89,700, 59,800 and 50,600 respectively after India in the list.

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Similarly Bangladesh ranked 7th, Indonesia (8) Afghanistan (9) and Tanzania was placed in 10th in the list. The developed countries including accounted for only 1% of the global share of first-day deaths. The US topped the list of less number of newborn deaths.

The study revealed that maximum deaths occur in South Asia region, which has only 14 doctors or nurses per 10,000 people. Apart from poor healthcare system, other reasons include pre-term deliveries, low birth weight and stunting among women could be blamed for the deaths of the kids on the first day.

Maximum deaths occur in India as 28% babies are born underweight and women are stunted. Stunting refers to a height of less than 145 cm. In the countries like India and Nepal, around 20-40% women are also not physically fit or healthy. Therefore, these women are at a higher risk for complications of having smaller babies.

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