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Men lie More than Women, claims Study

TNI Bureau: Telling lie is a part of human nature. But men tell lie more than women, a recent survey has revealed. It suggests that men frequently take the help of untruth to save them from any negative consequences. The study by the…

Sleep Disorders on Rise in India

TNI Bureau: In the developing countries like India, sleep disorders and Sleep-related problems are on rise – suggested a pan-African and Asian study on sleep-problem. The study offered that nearly 5% Indians aged 50 years and above is…

Children with Pets Smarter: Study

TNI Bureau: Children, who owns a pet are smarter than those who does not – suggests a recent study. In the study by Pets at home, the researchers quizzed about one thousand pet-owning children, aged between 5 to 16 years and found that 79%…
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