Kejriwal gears up to float Political Party


TNI Bureau: After getting public support in a survey, key member of IAC Arvind Kejriwal is gearing up for forming a political party. Even though, the anti-graft crusader Anna Hazare is not in favour of forming any political party to fight corruption, his aide stays firm on his decision.

Most of the existing political parties in the country have lost credibility and hence people are craving for a new alternative and they have high hope on team Anna, Kejriwal reportedly mentioned.

But Anna’s reaction in this context to float a political party is nearly negative though he urged people to join him in fight against corruption.

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On the other hand, Kejriwal has that majority of people wanted them to contest the next general elections, which has been reflected in the survey result. In fact Anna himself had asked him to take the common people’s view before diving to the electoral field.

Accordingly a survey was conducted through SMS, social networking sites and volunteers approaching people directly with forms to know their view.  The result was that 76% of the people given their nod to float a political party and to contest in elections. So now options are open for team Anna.

Kejriwal has said that People in India now want a new political alternative which should have a vision and is honest in its intent. Of course he has cleared that there are no fundamental differences in his team members as motive of all members in team Anna is the same.

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