Tamil Nadu wants me Out: Kamal Haasan


TNI Bureau: Actor Kamal Haasan made an emotional appeal to his fans while clarifying his positions on the controversy surrounding “Vishwaroopam”. He has vowed to fight till the end to get justice and said he has put everything on stake for the sake of his ambitious movie. Earlier, the Madras HC had lifted the ban on “Vishwaroopam”, but Tamil Nadu government has appealed against the verdict.

“I have pledged all my property for the film. I am ready to lose everything for this film. The story is based on a plot in Afghanistan. I wonder why anyone would relate it to the Indian Muslims. It’s a political conspiracy against me. Perhaps, Tamil Nadu wants me out of the country. I will leave India if I am forced to do that. But, I won’t give up,” he said.

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“I am really shocked to see the arguments that one movie could break this mighty nation’s unity. After this I will have to seek a secular state for me to stay in – from Kashmir to Kerala – excluding Tamil Nadu… I will look for a state to stay. If I cannot find in India, I will hopefully find another secular country that will take me in. MF Hussain had to do it,  Haasan will do it. Is this we all want?”, he said.

“I am fed up. I want to live in peace. I want to stay in a secular state. I am not blaming anyone. I am just an artiste. My fans include Muslims and Hindus. I urge them to keep peace and decide,” said the Actor.

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