Should Girls get closer to Boss for Promotion?


TNI Bureau: Every employee started out at some level lower than what they are at today in their jobs. Based on their talent and hard work they get promoted, which gives them happiness and ability to work harder.

There are many girls who love to get closer to their boss because of promotion and to win favor. Whatever the reasons, the trend is wrong and should really be discouraged.

Friendship between a boss and an employee is not wrong, but it is healthier if it is in limits. Getting closer to boss is not the right way to get promotion in your job. May be when both parties start getting close to each other, they find it pleasurable and fun, but it may have many negative effects also.

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Whatever the reason, girls should not forget that they have a responsibility to the society, their family and to themselves. This is the social responsibility that girls have to do things without inflicting harm, damage or wreckage to others. Flirtation can be a normal process, but we are more than animals, and we all have the capacity to know what is right from wrong.

There are many girls who do that for their self-interest. But honestly, getting close to boss for promotion is not good and appropriate. Getting promotions based on brains is a long term promotion as compared to get promoted for looks or getting closer to the boss.

Compromising on character is not a good thing for anyone especially for girls. It is more like killing one from inside. Starting career with self respect and dignity is worth more valuable then to get close to your boss for promotion. If you deserve to get promoted, no one can stop you to touch the heights.

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