Importance of being a good Daughter-in-Law


By Triveni Sharma: Married life is a game for any beginner, as she must always endeavor for a place and space in the family. Be it young or old, they all share a good bonding and coming to an understanding with them is no less than winning a war.

When a woman gets married and becomes a part of a new family, she is marrying more than just her new husband. In most cases she is going to be sharing this person with the rest of his farm family. Becoming a daughter-in-law for most women means their lives will transform – new husband, new home, in-laws, and possibly a biased new individuality through a change of surname.

A daughter-in-law needs to be approachable of how she is supposed by her new family. Very few families want to have entrenched changes forced upon them. Budding and maintaining a good relationship takes effort on both sides.

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A good daughter-in-law is one who always escapes arguments and quarrels so keep away from disturbing discussions. Her husband is her best pal so it is important for her to make him be aware of about things she liked and disliked in the family. This will make him feel good about her unbiased views about his nearest and dearest.

Daughter-in-law can easily gel with her in laws if she understands sensitivity to mother-in-law’s feelings, convey a positive attitude toward your mother-in-law, Communicate feelings, welcome advice from her mother-in-law, let her mother-in-law take care of her children, treat mother-in-law equally to her own mother, treat her mother-in-law with respect. Consider her older and wiser.

Being a great daughter-in-law means being you. Building a good relationship with your mother-in-law can surpass even your own mother-daughter bond. It is important to be a good daughter-in-law because if you are good, everyone is towards you. After marriage a daughter-in-law need sport of everyone in the family and if she herself is not adjusting, no one can adjust with her.

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