Saare Jahaan Se Mehenga – Movie Review


‘Saare Jahaan Se Mehenga’ is from the makers of ‘Phas Gaye Re Obama’. Though director Anshul Sharma was an associate/Assistant director in some popular movies, as an independent director he is of course a green horn.

Story – This comedy genre film is a satirical approach on the ongoing malady, inflation that is plaguing the society. The affect of Mehngai (inflation) has been shown in an amusing way through the characters revolving around a middle class family from a small North Indian City. The family, crushed under the burden of Mehngai tries to deal with it through a clever idea, not realizing the problems they would get tangled into as a result of this idea.

Almost the entire cast and crew of the film are new faces. The film neither has a celebrity in the star list nor even behind the screen. Only singers, who have given voice, are the popular names including Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal and Mika Singh.

Hence, the film should not be discussed. But believing on the abilities of the producer’s earlier film ‘Phas Gaya re Obama’ the film needs to be reviewed.

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Well, amid presence of the new members, acting part is quiet strong. Story by Rupesh and Vijay is creative but has been taken up at several occasions in TV serials and Documentaries. When the couple asks petrol instead of bike in dowry, it was of course a hilarious moment in the film.

Music by Manish J. Tipu is good, but seems like music of serial not big screen films.

Cinematography has nothing to do in the film but just to catch the comedy moments perfectly and in this venture Fasahat Khan has done a good job.

Director – Anshul Sharma
Cast – Sanjay Mishra, Vishwa Mohan Badola, Pragati Pandey and Zakir Hussain

TNI rating – * (1) stars out of 5.

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