Rahul Gandhi woos India Inc at CII Summit


Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi is on the path to influence public as well as the Industry leaders ahead of the general elections by raising a strong pitch for country’s development at the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

The Gandhi scion is reluctant to see himself as the Prime Minister if the party comes to power in the next elections, but he wants to make his party strong, which is facing heats from the parties for a series of scams, scandals and other allegations.

What could be better opportunity for him to bat for his party before responsible citizens at CII? Addressing the industry leaders today in New Delhi, he said that his party believes in harmony. He talked about backward classes, poor, middle class, tribals and women without whom the country’s growth cannot be possible.

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He focused on the vital point – inequality. Rahul talked about equal rights for all sections of people living in the society. Giving an example of tide and boat, he said that the rising tide raises all boats, but people of India need a boat to rise with the tide. Hence, the country should be developed on various fronts such as job, education and information.

Rahul dragged the attention of hundreds at CII by talking about the proper infrastructure in education system. While praising the industry’s role for the growth of the country, he asked whether the corporates have a role in education curriculum. He suggested that the Universities should take inputs from industry leaders. But it is not happening in real practice.

Since the country has many problems, one person cannot solve those, rather it is a collective effort. “The architecture we have to build is to connect the grassroots with the political system, open the political system. The legislative engine in India consists of 5,000 people who determine everything, how many people choose them? How can you talk of Centre-State relationship when only MPs and MLAs are defining the Vidhan Sabhas? People talk about individuals, large number of problems can be sorted out by the lower level people. Give a billion people the power to solve a problem, it’ll be solved in a jiffy,” Rahul said.

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