Rahul Gandhi bullzozes PM Manmohan Singh

It has been proved beyond doubt that only the Gandhi Family rules the roost within the Congress. The way Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi forced PM Dr. Manmohan Singh and many other top leaders of the party to eat the humble pie, it has given enough thoughts to the common people, who always believe that the position of the PM of the nation should not be compromised under any circumstances.

rahul_gandhiThe Union Cabinet met on October 2 to discuss the ordinance on convicted politicians, which was sent to President Pranab Mukherjee earlier. The President had reportedly expressed his displeasure at the hurry to pass the ordinance in order to bail out a handful politicians, including Lalu Prasad Yadav and Rasheed Masood.

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But, when the BJP took up the issue and met the President, requesting him not to sign it, the political situation changed completely. The public outrage, thanks to a vigilant media, forced Rahul Gandhi to intervene even as the PM was abroad. Rahul created a stir by calling the ordinance “complete nonsense” and asked it to be torn up and thrown away. That prompted all Congress leaders to change their tune and dump the PM in support of Rahul Gandhi.

After returning from the US, the PM met Rahul Gandhi to convince him, but in vain. Finally, the ordinance and the bill were withdrawn, dashing the hopes of politicians who hoped to cling on to their post even after conviction. Now, they will lose their posts immediately after conviction.

Manmohan, who was dominated and superimposed by Sonia Gandhi for nine years, had no other option but to swallow his ego and pride and concede defeat to the Gandhi scion, who finally had the last laugh and showed to the nation that he would emerge as the future of the Congress Party in 2014 to take on BJP’s Narendra Modi.

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