Nitesh Rane targets Gujaratis in Mumbai


Nitesh Rane, son of Senior Congress Minister in Maharashtra, Narayan Rane, has launched a tirade against the Gujaratis in Mumbai, asking them to leave the city, if they praise Gujarat and its Chief Minister Narendra Modi. Nitesh not only insulted 17% Gujaratis, who have been Mumbai’s lifeline much before he has taken birth, but also embarrassed his own party, the Congress.

A-1000_3Nitesh, who is also the Chief of Swabhimaan Sangathan, started the “hate campaign” on Twitter in June and it continues unabated. Some of his insulting tweets include:

“12% gujjus in Mumbai r like a ‘puppy’ in front of the Marathis.. So what shud be done Mr. Modi? And expert advice…”

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“With Marathi money.. take them back to Guj and ask them to earn there n show”.

“Apparently Modi saved 15k gujjs in 2 days..can he also divert his plane towards mumbai n pick sum gujjus from here too!”

“All Hoo Haa of gujjus on twitter! Itni teekhi laagi Meri baat..chalo Modi ko bulao aur jaga khaali karo humare Marathis ke liye mumbai mein”.

“Veg skies,Veg hospitals,Veg housing societies..soon Veg Mumbai! Either Gujjus go back to Gujarat or they turn Mumbai into Gujarat..Red alert!”, he tweeted. According to Nitesh, many wealthier Gujaratis, who own buildings in old Mumbai, are not willing to sell or rent their flats to non-vegetarians. He called this a discrimination, which must end.

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