New Toolkit: Strategy to control Media

Massive Media Outreach Strategy

When they say 75% of media persons are impressed with the leadership of PM Narendra Modi and are ideologically with the party, they are not wrong. That’s happening for sure.

Now, they want to give the supporting background material to the supportive media before the launch of any big programme and also during the follow-up for its better publicity. And, why not? Most want to do it these days.

When they seek to form Groups of supportive Editors, Columnists, Journalists and Commentators, they are on the right track. That’s the core objective of the political parties these days.

Support Independent Journalism? Keep us live.

If they want to promote a select group of Online Portals, they are not wrong either. Digital Platforms are the best mediums to twist/influence public opinion.

Last but not the least, there is a plan for ‘Colour Coding of Journalists’ – GREEN for Fence Sitters, BLACK for those who are against and WHITE for those who support. Fair Enough to win a War or Game in Politics!

What’s Next? It’s anybody’s guess.

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