Narendra Modi woos Youth, dares Congress

For long, Gujarat CM Narendra Modi was asked what would be vision for the country if his party comes to power in 2014. And, he answered it all – but in the field of education. Citing the example of Gujarat and using great eloquent statements, Modi bewitched the students at the 101-year-old NM Wadia Amphitheatre at Fergusson College in Pune.

Narendra ModiModi focused on research, education and human resource management to take India to the next level. He impressed upon the youth with his solid arguments on the need of defence technology training, forensic education, creativity management and grooming of teachers.

Modi further said the youth can take the country forward under a strong leadership. “India, whose 65% of total population is below 35 year of age, can lead the world if it properly utilises its human resources,” he said. He cited the example of China and South Korea to strengthen his arguments. “Other parties want power, but we want to empower the people,” he said. Modi favoured Education with Mordernisation, but not with Westernisation.

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According to Modi, in 200, India had two Universities among the best 500 in the world, while China had none. However, within 10 years, China increased the tally to 32, while India had to be content with just one. He also talked about the establishment of ‘I Create Institute’ under the guidance of Infosys founder Narayan Murthy, which will groom the students for the professions where they find themselves strong. Modi also revealed that Gujarat is coming up with a ‘Teachers’ Training University’ and a ‘Forensic Science University’.

Later, addressing a public rally, Narendra Modi launched a scathing attack on the Congress, saying it prefers to wear the “burqa” (veil) of secularism and hide in a bunker every time it faces a crisis because of its faulty policies. He dared the Congress for a final battle and said that country can progress only after getting rid of the Congress Party.

Modi slammed PM Manmohan Singh, saying he failed miserably to revive the Indian Economy despite being an Economist. “The youth of the country knows what you have done. They will never forgive you. We don’t need acts, we need action. You promised to bring down inflation within 100 days. But, you increased it to the highest level, making the lives of people miserable,” said Modi to the Congress.

Narendra Modi also took a dig at Government’s Food Security Ordinance, saying they took the ordinance route instead of debating it in the Parliament, as they did not want to share the credit with other UPA allies. They wanted to project the Food Bill as an achievement of the Gandhi Family, not of UPA Government. This is crystal clear and the country understands it, he said. Modi also criticised Rahul Gandhi, saying the “Prince” visits the poor families, as his party failed to end poverty. He further slammed the Congress on the issues of fall of Rupee, misuse of CBI and increase in terror activities.

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