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Bofors Accused Ottavio Quattrocchi dies in Italy


He successfully gave a slip to Indian investigators and the CBI failed to nail him in the Bofors deal. However, he could not beat the bitter reality of life. Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi died of a heart attack today in Milan, Italy. The Congress alleged that Quattrocchi was the creation of the BJP. But, the saffron party reminded them that it was VP Singh who exposed the ‘Bofors Deal’ and Quattrocchi.

QuattrocchiQuattrocchi died of a stroke. He was 74. Only two years ago, the CBI had withdrawn all charges against Quattrocchi, citing lack of evidences. The CBI had failed to get his extradition from Malaysia in 2003 and Argentina in 2007. While Hinuja Brothers were let off in this case and late Rajiv Gandhi got a clean chit, other accused former Bofors chief Martin Ardbo, Bofors agent Win Chadha and former defence secretary S K Bhatnagar already died. Quattrocchi was under the scanner for his close links to the Gandhi family.

With the death of Quattrocchi, the last Bofors link was disconnected. After years of investigation, the CBI found no evidences against anyone and the scandal died unnatural death. Although there were evidences to suggest the kickbacks were indeed paid, but who got the bribe, remained a mystery forever.

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