Mallika slammed for Remarks against Indian Society


Mallika Sherawat has recently been slammed for her controversial remarks against Indian society during the interview with ‘Variety’ at Cannes. The ‘Hiss’ actress said that she consciously divides time between LA and India because she feels her home country is a “regressive” society and finds it depressing to see the condition of women here.

This unpatriotic statement of Mallika has angered people back home in India. The reaction has been widely seen at Twitter. Here are some most discussed twits on this.

The Bad Doctor ‏@doctoratlarge 14m

New ad idea for Maggi noodles – it takes even less time to cook than the duration of Mallika Sherawat’s role in a Hollywood movie

Anand‏ ‏@ANAND_AB 20m

Support Independent Journalism? Keep us live.

Mallika Sherawat calls Indian men regressive, not realising that’s precisely why they ogle and pay huge sums to watch someone like her.

Sanjay R Gagnani ‏@SanjayRGagnani 29m

Mallika Sherawat’s interview shows not only d lack of patriotic spirit, but d inaccuracy of d many facts, bad grammar & d horrendous accent.

Obviously the scene did not go well with even the Bollywood actors. Priyanka Chopra mentioned that she was “extremely offended” by Sherawat’s proclamation that India is “regressive” especially since Sherawat used an international platform to air these views.

Beyond the accent issue and lack of patriotic spirit, even there are some factual inaccuracies in Sherawat’s interview – the actor of ‘Burfi’ claimed.

Summing up all the angers and genuine points, it can be ascertained that, when Mallika misses proper accent along with grammar in English, how come she dreams to make a career in Hollywood? And as she claims that she consciously divides time between LA and India, ironically it can be 1:9, because we have seen her only in a few Hollywood films. It is Indian Film Industry Bollywood, which is providing bread and butter to this actress of ‘Welcome’, who is also not very famous for her beauty as compared to others like Aishwarya or Madhuri.

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