Mahendra Karma stabbed 78 Times by Maoists


More shocking revelations have been made in connection with cold-blooded of senior Congress leader and Salwa Judum founder Mahendra Karma. According to eyewitness accounts, Karma was stabbed 78 times by the women Maoists after he revealed his identity.

When Karma surrendered, the women cadres consulted with other Congress leaders to confirm his identity. After getting confirmation, they made fun of him and asked him about his last wish. Karma was first shot in his back. Then, another woman broke his leg with a log of wood. When he fell down, some women cadres pounced on him and stabbed in his face three times.

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After that, it was a free-for-all. At least 10-12 women cadres surrounded Karma and stabbed him for 78 times. He was even stabbed in his buttock four times. His head was crushed with a hard rock. Karma suffered two bullet injuries – on on his abdomen and another on buttock.

Once it was confirmed that Karma died, the women cadres along with their male counterparts, raised victory slogans and danced over his body while humiliating him even after his death.

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