Jab Tak Hai Jaan – A Complete Movie Review


TNI Bureau: Jab Tak Hai Jaan (JTHJ) is though not flawless still provides some big reasons to watch. The flick is an amalgamation of pros and cons. While it is quiet synonymous to Yash’s earlier presentations like Veer-Zara or DDLJ, King Khan’s super ability to attract a huge audience can also not be denied. Yash ji, the king of romance has tried to make another romantic saga with romantic old-boy Shahrukh and they have thrived a lot.

The story of JTHJ is all about Samar Anand, played by Shahrukh, who is caught between two girls, in two separate decades and those, come from poles apart nature and profession. While Akira, played by Anushka Sharma is one of the girls, Katrina Kaif is Samar’s lover during his twenties, the other one. While the former’s romance has been shown in the backdrop of Leh, Katrina chapter have been exhibited in the UK.

Well, Now Samar Anand is an Army Major who happens to be a bomb expert and the most able soldier in his regiment, who is epithet as “the man who cannot die”. He even defuses IEDs without donning a bomb suit.

Through the pages of the Army Commander’s diary, Jab Tak Hai Jaan cuts to London and goes back in time. Now, he is a struggling Indian immigrant, who makes his living sometimes as a street guitarist, a snow-cleaner outside a church, a sales boy in a fish market and a waiter in a restaurant. Samar and Meera, daughter of a wealthy NRI, Anupam Kher, fall during a music class where he was teaching some notes to the babe to be sung at her father’s B’ day.

But it was not the ending to a beautiful love life. A road accident makes the lady to leave her boyfriend. She had made a promise to Jesus to depart her love in case he recovers. The man recovers and she leaves the charming street musician.

A heartbroken Samar leaves for India and joins the army as a Major. In Kashmir valley, the musician-turned-soldier meets another pretty girl Akira Rai (Anushka Sharma), an aspiring documentary filmmaker, who wants to make a film about the bomb expert and his team at work.

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JTHJ is no doubt a great film, but these following points make it weaker. It is not that much logical to frame an Army major who has sufficient time for romance. So, the concept of the character Samar (as an Army Major) does not sound great. Secondly, a man who was leading a struggling life in the UK, decades earlier becomes the most expert bomb squad in Indian Army, is also not logical.

Thirdly, the second part is quiet long without any reason. Thus, during watching the film one may think whether he is seeing the final and edited version of the film or wrongfully the talkie has got an uncut one. Thirdly, the theme is not a fresh one, but it has grasped several moments from Veer-Zara.

Rahman’s music is hummable but not at par with his abilities. Shahrukh’s look is stunning during the first love season in the film when he was romancing with a girl who should be half of his age, but the chemistry is still very convincing. Yes, as this is for the first ever time that Shahrukh and Katrina were sharing the screen, we were expecting a lot, but nothing like that happened.

In short, Jab Tak Hai Jaan should be watched once for being the great last work of Yash Ji, to witness the pair Shahrukh-Katrina for the first time together and a perfect Anushka Sharma. Apart from that, the film has several mind-blowing locales to watch out like their earlier films.

Our Rating is *** stars out of 5 for ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’.

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