I, Me Aur Main – A Complete Review


‘I, Me Aur Main’ is a hot and entertaining below-average movie from the first time director Kapil Sharma. The movie is an attempt to lure the audience showcasing beauty, skin and sexy looks to make up the gap that was created on lieu of the week script.

Plot – As its title provides, the story moves around one character, Ishaan (John Abraham). The whole plot is about his love affair with two women as lovers, another two women as family members, another woman as a love-crazy boss and a lot of other women, for whom he thinks that he is loved by all of them.

Ishan is a handsome music producer from Mumbai, who is in a live-in relationship with Anushka (Chitrangada Singh’s) and stays at her place though having no concern about the seriousness of her emotions towards him. She does all the household tasks and pays all the bills too. Even when one morning the milkman arrives at their doorstep with the monthly bill, the lover boy refuses to pay saying he ‘doesn’t drink milk, as his morning coffee is black too’. But still, Anushka, an extremely attractive, successful and independent career woman, puts up with all this odd and hopes to marry the guy some day.

Ishan is quiet pampered by his adoring mother (Zarina Wahab), even at the cost of the feeling of her sister Shivani (Mini Mathur).

Things goes on well, but when Ishaan loses his job, his girlfriend and enters to a unsecured zone of life, he then finds Gauri (Prachi Desai), a bubbly girl next door, who becomes a temporary solution to his woes. But the story does not end over there as memories of his first love haunts him to finally take a U-turn.

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Review – There is completely nothing in the script, but the film is backed by three gorgeous and handsome actors who always appear beautiful on the screen. Neither the script nor the dialogues are very complex, both are simple and easy enough to be implicit.

All the three lead characters have done wonderful jobs. John as such fits to the role for his physique and personality. Thus, in fact he does not make extra effort to make him enter to the skin of the character. But still he is good on screen. And the two women look perfectly marvelous, though their beauty should not be scaled in a common meter; While, Chitrangada seems sexy, Prachi looks cheerful.

‘I Me Aur Main’ is a flamboyant attempt to fool the audience with beautiful actors and hot wardrobe to showcase a week script. Yet, if someone wants to watch the movie with her co-partner, he will enjoy, due to the presence of tempting romanticism in the movie.

Cast: John Abraham, Prachi Desai, Chitrangada Singh, Zarina Wahab, Mini Mathur, Sameer Soni

Director: Kapil Sharma

TNI Rating: ** (2) stars out of five.

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