Debate on Congress’ Employment Promise for Odia Youths


TNI Bureau: Odisha Pradesh Congress Committee President Niranjan Patnaik has recently assured the youth of Odisha that Congress will guarantee jobs to each needy household if it comes to power.

Do you trust Congress’ promise of creating huge employment opportunities for the youth of #Odisha ?

Your Views:

Asish Satpathy: Who stopped them to do so when they were in power for more than 70 years.That’s just like a lollipop they are trying to sell, nothing else.

Souranshu Prasad Sahoo: Everyone should get a chance to fulfill his/her promise…As far as Congress’ Odisha unit is concerned, not a remarkable change in the unit … So, I can’t believe the State Congress unit for fulfilling its agenda of mass employment…

धर्मवीर सिंह: Not at all looking at their past record. They will promise anything for power.

Surjya Narayan: False and valueless promises.

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Laxminarayan Kanungo: Govt job is not possible. Only employments in formal sector can be increased. Skill development training can create jobs in informal sector. Even Modi had told in July inside the Parliament that about 80 lakh employment was created in formal sector and 20 lakh in informal sector, in last one year. There is no government data on employment after 2015-16. Before that Labour Bureau had reported about 2 & 3 lakh employments in 2015 & 2016 respectively.

Sambit Nanda: Not only Congress, all other parties including BJD and BJP also cannot be trusted on employment issues. They mean to fool the youth only.

Pradeep Shahri: Not at all. Can’t be trusted.

Ajit Dash: Do they have any agenda?? I do not think so. While BJD failed to create opportunities in last 20 years, what to expect from another party? We have failed to attract international as well as national companies to start production here..

Acharya Biswa: I don’t think they have any vision or policy for Odisha development in long term. All political parties are only busy for election management making us fool.

Suvendu Mohapatra: This is a jumla like they have been voicing (Garib mukt Bharat ).

Nanda KIshore CHoudhury: Impossible.

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