Sana Babu Hijacked Governance in Odisha: Aparajita targets Pandian

TNI Bureau: Bhubaneswar MP Aparajita Sarangi MP on Wednesday targeted BJD leader VK Pandian by referring him as ‘Sana Babu’ (Young Babu), who has been making failed attempts to take over and hijack governance and people’s mandate in Odisha.

While addressing a media conference, the Bhubaneswar MP said, “It is not just me but everyone, the 4.5 crore people of Odisha, from Sundargarh to Malkangiri and from Cuttack to Kalahandi have feel that a ‘Sana Babu’ (Young Babu) has been making failed attempts to take over and hijack governance and people’s mandate in Odisha and the Odia Asmita is in danger.”

“We are very proud and fortunate that Odisha has plenty of natural and human resources and it is enough to be in the top three of the list of the leading states and union territories in the country. But unfortunately, the state is lagging behind in terms of per capita income and placed in the fifth spot from behind. It is very unfortunate thing. The Biju Janata Dal government is running the state for the last 24 years and this is how our economic status stands now. A dormant government is in the State of Odisha,” she added.

Sarangi further said, “After the Covid pandemic, we came out of the house and are working for the development and benefit of the people. However, the Chief Minister is not visible since March, 2020. He is not going to the Secretariat. He should go to the Secretariat regularly and review the department wise work once in every 2-4 days. He is the chief minister who has the people’s mandate, nobody else. We all are aware that none of the Sana Babu can take the place of the Bada Babu.”

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“When election comes, the leaders and party workers of BJD seek votes by using the face value of the Chief Minister. But after the election for the five years, the Sana Babu, who makes failed attempts, rules the state. But has he got the people mandate? Is it not cheating the people? Is it not affecting the self-respect of the people,” she questioned while appealing everyone to think over it.

The MP further said, “We want the chief minister, who has the people’s mandate, to run the government. He should not outsource the government. It is everyone’s demand which we have been saying repeatedly. And whenever, we spoke about it, the Sana Babu and the government went back foot and he had to leave the job and remove the 5T from the website because he was making the mistake.”

“I request the 4.5 crore people of Odisha not to give the licence to the Biju Janata Dal to loot Odisha again. We should all think that our chief minister should be an active chief minister. He should be a young chief minister. He should be a healthy chief minister. He should speak in our language and communicate to us in our own language. We need a chief minister who will not outsource the government and system,” she demanded.

The Bhubaneswar MP also claimed that hundreds of party workers and leaders of BJD have joined BJP in last 3-4 months because they have self-respect and did not want to set up tents and regulate traffic for the Sana Babu, who makes unsuccessful attempts.

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