Commando – A Completer Movie Review


‘Commando – A One Man Army’ released today and received a wholesome welcome by the audience for amazing action shots by Vidyut Jamwal and acting prowess of Jaideep (AK 47). The action thriller stars Punjabi Munda Vidyut Jamwal and Pooja Chopra in the lead roles and claims that the stunts performed in the movie are originally performed not created through technology or camera tricks.

The film begins with Captain Karanvir Dogra (Vidyut Jamwal) being tortured by a group of Chinese Army officials suspecting him to be an Indian secret agent. The commando is there because of a routine flight journey from India, which ends up in an accident but the wreckage is nowhere to be found. The Chinese group tortures him like hell. They beat him with a baton and place a bagful of ice around his neck.

But soon the While the able officer manages to escape from their shackles from the Chinese side before he can be sentenced and crosses into Himachal Pradesh at the Lepcha border and travels through Kinnaur to reach his base at Pathankot. As Karan crosses the Himachal – Punjab border, he runs into a girl, Simrit who is escaping from Amrit Kanwal Singh’s goons as the thug is hell-bent on marrying her.

On the other hand, the Indian government gives up on this strong and talented commando to maintain a good and diplomatic relation with China. And that’s how stems the hatred for a corrupt system in VJ’s head.

She runs off and knocks into the strong and sturdy arms of Jamwal and now it is the commando’s duty to make the girl reach to her destination with safety, when hundreds of goons are chasing her.

Performance – Vidyut Jamwal’s action prowess and Gangs Of Wasseypur famed Jaideep Ahlawat’s theatrical aptitude is the most powerful elements in the film to make it a must watch movie. The tag ‘One man Army’ does not seem exaggerated after watching action abilities of the hunk Jamwal, who had showed some in ‘Force’ earlier.

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Pooja Chopra although is good at whatever has been given to her, we really don’t appreciate the idea in Bollywood films where the girl’s beauty is always intact and she looks fresh though after passing days in the forest and surrounded with lots of peril. And definitely, here Hollywood films surpass our films.

However, the main flow of acting comes from Jaideep (AK47), an FTII product who has actually presented a really wonderful performance. He carries out every sinful operation with great ease and the theatrical touch-up adds a lot to the acting.

The locations are very good and again make us to recall the old classic films like Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak or Henna. The protagonist is a real life ‘Kalari expert’ as per reports. So obviously his stunts seem very realistic and worth watching.

Watch Commando for its enthralling action sequences by Vidyut and an engaging performance by Jaideep.

Director – Dilip Ghosh
Producer – Vipul Shah & Reliance Entertainment
Stars – Vidyut Jamwal, Pooja Chopra, Jaideep Ahlawat

TNI Rating – *** and ½ (3 & ½) Stars out of 5.

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