Advani slams Rahul, hails President Pranab

Veteran BJP leader LK Advani slammed Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, while harping praise on President Pranab Mukherjee for making the government to bend on the ordinance on convicted politicians. In his blog, Advani wrote that it was Pranab, who dismissed the controversial ordinance, but Sonia used Rahul to exploit the situation so that the latter can take charge.

Pranab MukherjeeIn his blog titled “It’s Pranab Da, not Rahul, who saved the situation,” Advani wrote, “With the Cabinet deciding on Wednesday to withdraw the ordinance as well as the bill pending before Parliament in respect of convicted MPs and MLAs, yet another ugly chapter in the unflattering history of the UPA government has ended.”

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“That most of the media reports on this development have described it as a victory for Rahul Gandhi, is a comment on how superficial the media generally has become these days.”

“Rahul’s victory is really confined to rubbing off UPA’s authority, and not merely the Prime Minister’s. From day one, UPA has always meant Dr Manmohan Singh and Smt Sonia Gandhi. So, the ‘nonsense’ slur hurled at the Cabinet approved ordinance cannot apply only to the PM and his ministers. Soniaji must also share responsibility.”

“What was there in the outburst on the ordinance which the PM could possibly discuss with his Cabinet?”

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