BSE brings Reforms in Matric Board Exam


The Board of Secondary Education (BSE) in Odisha has proposed massive reforms in the Matric Board (Class X) examination system, which will reduce the stress, end the suicide syndrome among the students and bring more accountability in the evaluation system. A grading system will replace the existing division. The changes will take place from 2014.

Matric-Exam-OdishaHere Are the Key Features of New BSE Exam Reforms:

1) Students will be evaluated in nine point grades.

2) Grades & Percentage: A1 (91-100), A2 (81-90), B1 (71-80), B2 (61-70), C1 (51-60), C2 (41-50), D (33-44), E (21-32), F (0-20).

3) Students with E and F grades, will get an opportunity to improve their scores.

4) There will be no PASS or FAIL.

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5) 50% of the total questions will be objective (multiple type) and remaining 50% will be subjective.

6) Multiple Q/A papers will be evaluated using a computerised system, while subjective A/A sheets will be evaluated by teachers.

7) The question paper sets will be jumbled to prevent malpractice.

8) In case of a re-evaluation request, the students can apply within seven days by paying Rs 700. If a student seeks more than six marks in re-evaluation, then action will be taken against the original evaluator and Rs 700 will be collected from him to be refunded to the student.

9) CCTV camera will be installed across the exam centres and evaluation centres.

10) 5,000 Schools will have own exam centres.

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