72% Urban Indians suffer from Heart Ailments


TNI Bureau: According to a recent study, about 72 percent of the urban Indians suffer from heart ailments. The study was revealed ahead of the World Heart Day on September 29.  Releasing the findings in Mumbai last week, the Asian Heart Institute said the urban people were at a risk of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD).

The study, that was conducted by Saffolalife in association with the Indian Public Health Association (IPHA) over the past two years analyzed health report of 1,12,000 urban Indians across 12 cities.

While the World Health Organization (WHO) mainly considers four factors diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol and smoking, the study took into account other factors like obesity, HDL and family history besides the above four.

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The study found that 64% of those surveyed between 30 and 34 years of age were at risk of developing heart diseases and men are more prone to women in this context. While 75% of men in the age group of 30-34 years had a CVD risk, only 57% women in their fifties are sick of heart ailment – the study also brought to light.

The reason in this number difference can be varied. Men have a tendency to drink and smoke more than women, they travel more and eat out more. Perhaps that is the big reason of this disparity between the two genders – the study opined.

Further, the natural cardio-protective cover of the female hormone (estrogen) is also responsible to reduce probability of heart disease in the younger age groups of female – said Manjari Chandra, a consultant nutritionist, Nutritionist Republic to the Times News Network.

The study which aimed at identifying common risk factors for heart disease in India, also found that while poor physical activity are the leading causes for Chennai in this context, in Kolkata, smoking is the leading cause.

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