Meteorites from Mars and Moon to be Auctioned


TNI Bureau: Here is a big chance for people, who are curious about space science and research, to own something from other planets. They can get a chance to have fragments of Mars, Moon and other asteroids that have fallen on Earth, as all these things will be auctioned on October 14 in Manhattan.

The auction could be described as the largest public meteorite auction ever held. More than 125 items of Mars and Moon will be displayed in the auction.

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The significant auction would feature the materials from six meteorites originated on large asteroid Vesta, Mars’ rocks, Moon rocks, lunar meteorite, fragment of the Tissint meteorite, which fell in Morocco in July 2011.

A meteorite is a natural object of outer space that survives impact with the Earth’s surface. A meteorite’s size can range from small to extremely large. It gets recognition after being experimented and authenticated by a meteoriticist.

When a meteoroid enters the atmosphere of Earth, the chemical interactions with the atmospheric gasses cause the body to heat up and emit light. It forms a fireball, which is also known as a meteor or shooting or falling star.

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