3G – A Killer Connection – Movie Review


The horror drama 3G is completely opposite to 3G technology as far as efficacy is concerned. Perhaps the director wanted to take advantage of the wide popularity of the term ‘3G’ in his film to generate Box Office returns but badly failed.

The film starts with some intimate scenes between the lead pair Sam (Neil Nitin Mukesh) and Seena (Sonal Chauhan), which can be seen as the traditional format of the horror films. Once Sam drops his mobile phone accidentally in the sea while making out with Sonal and then buys another mysterious one and through that gadget possessed by a woman who appears on that newly bought cell-phone.

Thus he is scared of the phone call that he keeps receiving from a mysterious woman on that 3G enabled phone and that is the link with the title of the movie that the phone is enabled with 3G. A series of murders then take place when the love pair wants to dig out the story behind the mystery. However, finally they reach to the climax.

Performance and Presentation – Clearly most part of the film does not make any sense. Neil and Sonal both look gorgeous but unconvincing. The first half houses several scenes to show their chemistry. Also many sequences seem superficial and unintentionally comical and unwanted. The plot does not necessarily goes to answer why Seena goes on spending nights with a man who is going fearful, suicidal, psychopathic and disturbingly violent in bed. So the plot is not convincing anyway.

Again neither the screenplay, dialogue nor the cinematography binds you to watch the movie. While there are many dialogues which are only said because nothing else was got, by taking several wide shots the cinematography ruins the shinning part at many occasions.

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More than that is the long run-time of the film which clearly seems unwanted. The storytelling is not good since the transitions are not smooth.

Asheesh Kapur and ‘Diana’ are good while Mrinalini Sharma is simply annoying. But rest of the supporting cast are good.

The music seems soothing at some places but a few songs are placed randomly and were absolutely not required.

We don’t recommend watching the film even for once but if you want to take pleasure of some cheap thrills you should visit once.

Directors: Sheershak Anand, Shantanu Ray Chhibber
Stars: Neil Nitin Mukesh, Sonal Chauhan, Asheesh Kapur

TNI Rating – * (1) Star out of 5.

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