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Purva Bhogle – Mumbai’s Braveheart Girl


At 24, she may look like a delicate girl. But, you are mistaken if you dare to mess with her. The same fate was met by a young man of 17, who was thrashed black and blue when he took on her. Purva Bhogle, the braveheart from Mumbai, had taken up the challenge of molestation and did what other girls fear to do.

Purva-BhoglePurva got hold of the guy who molested her at the Ladies’ Compartment in a Mumbai Local. Ironically, she did not get the support of other ladies, but she did not lose hope. She jumped back to the train and got hold of the guy. The guy tried to overpower her, but could not. Purva wrestled him to the ground and stood on him with her right foot on his chest till the next station came.

When Purva tried to get him off at Matunga station, the boy held on to the pole in the compartment to save himself. But, the brave girl was adamant and determined to teach the erring guy a lesson of his life. Countering all moves used by the guy, Purva overpowered him and singlehandedly dragged him to the Sion Railway Station.

Wait, it was not all over! Purva wanted to inflict more pain and punishment on the guy. She urged the cops to allow her to handle the guy and they obliged. In front of the cops, Purva challenged the boy again. The boy tried to defend himself, but Purva was ruthless. She slapped and kicked him repeatedly to make him helpless. When the boy fell to the ground, she yet again stood over him with one foot on his chest and another one right on his face to show who was the real boss.

The boy had no other option but to admit his defeat and apologise for his action. He prostrated before Purva, rubbed his nose at her feet and tendered an unconditional apology. Purva left with pride and sense of victory, not only for herself, but also for all women of India. It was a victory for women power and a girl’s self-esteem. When she narrated her story on Facebook, everyone hailed her. However, unable to deal with the situation, Facebook had to block her account.

“I hit the boy so hard that my hand hurts and is still black. But I am glad that I did not neglect the issue, which many women are known to downplay these days. If women fight against such things today, we would be able to curb instances of molestation and rape in future,” she said in her message to the women.

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