World Leaders prefer Manmohan over Modi & Rahul

From The Editor’s Desk: There is a big hype in India over ‘Narendra Modi as PM’. The entire BJP has thrown its weight behind Modi and his fan following is increasing every passing day. Similarly, the Congress cadres and leaders are busy vouching for ‘Rahul Gandhi as PM’. However, what the world leaders want? They still want Dr. Manmohan Singh at the helm of affairs! It may sound incredible, but true.

manmohansinghManmohan Singh’s low-profile, humility and the reputation of being a leading Economist, have swept the global leaders off their feet. The PM has been under attack in his own country. But, he enjoys much respect abroad. Among others, US President Barack Obama has been a great admirer of Dr. Manmohan Singh and hails him as a ‘Tall Leader’.

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The world knows that if Modi becomes the PM, India may go on to bully the global powers and impose its thoughts on many. Modi’s personality does not speak of a humble leader. He is aggressive, determined and sometimes ‘arrogant’. The Gujarat CM may not be willing to listen if he is not convinced about something. The US won’t be able to ‘force’ him to take decisions, which will suit that country’s business interests, as it did in case of the ‘Indo-US Nuclear Deal’ and ‘FDI in Retail’.

On the other hand, Rahul Gandhi too remains unpredictable. Many global leaders are skeptical about his vision, plan and seriousness to deal with the crisis situation. Rahul’s reluctance to talk on may important issues, has baffled them. With Rahul as PM, they might find it hard to have their way. And, this is a fact that Rahul Gandhi is not a soft leader. He has the ability to think ‘out of the box’ and take drastic action, which may not suit the global community.

In comparison to both these leaders, Manmohan Singh remains the better choice for the West, which won’t want a non-cooperative India on various issues. The silence of Manmohan vis-a-vis Pakistan, China and Sri Lanka, have given enough confidence to the world that they can easily deal with India with Dr. Singh in charge. Ironically, nobody either in the BJP or in the Congress, want Manmohan to be installed as the PM for the third time in a row. And, forget about the public. Most of them consider him a ‘liability’ rather than an asset. This is the bitter reality and very sad for a honest and gentle leader, who has become a victim of “political circus” in India.

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