Want to Know How to Use Credit Cards Responsibly When Travelling Abroad?

If you plan to rely on a credit card for your travel abroad, make sure you understand the terms that apply to the international usage of credit cards.

Travelling abroad is not just about deciding on your itinerary and packing essentials. It requires careful planning. While you work on different aspects of the trip, like getting the necessary visa, checking your passport validity and deciding what to pack, don’t ignore financial planning.

This will allow you to better navigate and enjoy your time overseas. Apart from creating a budget, know how you plan to transact in a foreign country. Since carrying cash is unsafe, one of the most common payment options nowadays is a credit card.

If you plan to rely on a credit card for your travel abroad, make sure you understand the terms that apply to the international usage of credit cards. Read on to know how to use credit cards responsibly while travelling abroad.

Find the Perfect Credit Card for Travel

There are a variety of credit cards available in the market, each with different benefits. These include cards that offer cashback on fuel or cards that offer reward points for online shopping. However, to aid in your international transactions, it is best for you to choose a credit card that is travel-centric, especially when used overseas. Also, make sure the card you plan to get or have in your wallet is valid and accepted in the country you are visiting.

Some credit cards [EW1] that offer great features when you travel abroad allow you to earn more reward points on international dining and shopping or offer perks like helping you book tickets for international events. One of the most important factors to consider is to select a credit card that doesn’t charge too many add-on fees on international transactions [EW2] .

Notify Your Credit Card provider Before Travelling Abroad

Credit cards allow you to make seamless and safe transactions globally. However, ensure that you inform the credit card company about your travel plans to continue to enjoy uninterrupted transactions after you land overseas. This way, the issuer will not decline your international transactions suspecting it as fraud.

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Manage Foreign Transaction Fees and Forex Markup Smartly

You may have chosen an ideal credit card for your foreign trip, but it still may not spare you from foreign transaction fees. Credit cards can charge you up to 3.5% [EW3] as a forex markup fee on each transaction.

What’s more, if you withdraw money from an ATM in another country using your credit card, you will need to pay up to 3% [EW4] of the amount in addition to the markup fee. To avoid these charges, you can use a Forex card instead and avoid ATM withdrawals.

Make the Most of Travel Benefits and Rewards with Your Credit Card

The best way to make up for added fees on foreign transactions is to use a credit card that offers a range of rewards on international spends. An easy way to go about your selection is to compare features of various credit cards with this lens.

Certain credit cards allow you to redeem points as air miles, which can help you book international travel tickets with ease. Others may offer travel insurance that can keep you covered during emergencies abroad. Some credit cards also offer discounts on hotel bookings overseas that can help you save more.

By applying all these tips, you can use your credit card with zero inconveniences when you are travelling overseas. To find a range of travel, entertainment and lifestyle credit cards, simply go to the Bajaj Markets App.

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