Stunning Video: Lions walk down the streets of Gujarat

TNI Bureau: The internet is full of several viral videos of different animals. While some of them are cute and funny, some videos are very stunning and scary.

A new video purportedly showing a pride of lions walking the residential area in Gujarat is now going viral on the social media platforms after IFS officer Susanta Nanda posted it on his Twitter handle.

“Another day, Another pride… Walking on the streets of Gujarat” Nanda captioned the video while sharing it yesterday.

The video, which been captured by a CCTV camera, shows a pride of lions walking down the residential area in Gujarat at night. Fortunately, the area was empty.

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Over 200,000 Twitter users have viewed the video while hundreds of time have given their reactions.

“Such sights used to be stuff if my nightmares – and then I would wake up and realize we are living in a city so wild animals can’t come walking into the streets – but – we made the mistake of building our streets around their forests so they will roam around like this! Terrible” said a Twitter user.

“It is obvious that the Gir sanctuary is overflowing with lions, and some of them must be translocated elsewhere.” wrote another.

Another Twitter user said, “They are scared of humans and left silently on seeing a motorbike approaching in their direction.”

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