Shooting Menace: More than 300 Mass Shootings in US in 2022

There have been around 309 mass shootings in the US, till now in 2022.

Insight Bureau: Halfway through 2022 and already the US has experienced more than 300 mass shootings this year. There have been around 309 mass shootings in the US, till now in 2022.

Yet another mass shooting took place on Monday, during a 4th July parade in Highland Park, Illinois. A total of six people were fatally shot to death and at least 24 others were injured on Monday. It is said that the gunman fired dozens of rounds from a rooftop above the crowds. The incident in Highland Park is said to be the 15th mass killing of the year and the 11th mass shooting of the holiday weekend.

A 22-year-old man, Robert E Crimo III has been taken into police custody and is suspected as the gunman in the shooting at the Fourth off July parade at Chicago suburb of Highland Park on Monday.


June 1

Four people, including a doctor was shot by a man who blamed a surgeon for pain he suffered after back surgery  in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

May 25

A gunman opened fire at an elementary school in the south Texas city, 19 students and two teachers were killed. Police officers from multiple agencies who had gathered outside the classroom waited more than an hour for a US Border Patrol team to enter the classroom and the suspect was shot dead.

May 15

A gunman killed a doctor and wounded five other people at a Taiwanese-American church banquet in California in what officials called a methodically planned the attack because the shooter was upset over Chinese-Taiwanese tensions.

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May 14

A white gunman killed 10 black people in a supermarket in a racially motivated attack.

April 12

In one of the most violent attacks in the history of New York City’s mass transit system, 23 people were injured when a 62-year-old man activated a smoke bomb and opened fire on a subway train.

April 3

Six people were killed in an gun battle that erupted during the emptying of nightclubs in downtown Sacramento, the state capital of California.

January 23

Six people were found dead during a welfare check on a home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

According to the Gun Violence Archive (GVA) data, at least 10,072 people have died due to firearms that includes both intentional and accidental killings but not suicides till now in the US.

It is also said that the states’ shooting incidents in 2022 are almost breaking last year’s numbers.

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