Shatrughan Sinha hails Nitish as PM Material

A desperate Shatrughan Singa, who was snubbed by the BJP on many occasions, has found a new friend in Nitish Kumar. Shatrughan probably wants a Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha seat by prostrating at Nitish’s feet. Now, he termed the Bihar CM as a Prime Minister material although JD(U) may end up winning just 12-16 seats in the end.

Shatrughan-SinhaSo, according to Shatrughan Sinha, a party with just less than 20 seats in the Parliament can have a Prime Minister. Won’t it be the misfortune of this country to have such a government, where stability will take a downward turn?

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Till a few months ago, Shatrughan was harping praise on Narendra Modi. But, after failing to find a place in any of the panels formed by the party, he changed his tone and triggered Advani vs Modi debate. When that too did not work, he had no other option but to look at Nitish Kumar.

There is little doubt that Shatrughan won’t get a BJP ticket in 2014 polls. And, to win from Patna Sahib without the support of BJP and RSS won’t be possible for him even in his wildest dreams. So, he would have just one option – to get elected to Rajya Sabha on a JD(U) ticket. And, that’s exactly his game plan. He may enjoy power again, but he will condemned as a person, who has no value for his words.

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