Swadeshi Operating System BharOS: Key Features

TNI Bureau: In India, smartphone usage has significantly increased over the past few years. The operating system is crucial for mobile cell phones because it’s required for the device to function. Currently, iOS and Android are the two most prevalent operating systems in India. However, BharOS, an indigenous OS, has recently been created in India. 

A new mobile operating system named BharOS has been unveiled by J&K Operations, a company established at IIT Madras. According to reports, the BharOS operating system will be made available for commercially available mobile devices.

Describe BharOS, India’s new operating system with a focus on privacy. Organizations with strict privacy and security criteria will be able to use BharOS. The “Atmanirbhar Bharat” vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi guided the design of the new indigenous operating system.

Which phones will BharOS work on?

The developers haven’t yet revealed who they plan to partner with, though BharOS will be pitched to organizations with stringent security and privacy needs.

What is special in BharOS?

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Being privacy-focused, BharOS won’t permit the download of any third-party programs, therefore you won’t be able to install them from Google’s Play Store. In its place, it will offer Private App Store services.

Describe how PASS will provide curated apps that adhere to the company’s privacy and security criteria. No Default Programs (NDA), a feature of BharOS, will let users download any apps they choose from PASS.

BharOS-powered devices will receive native over-the-air (NOTA) updates for software updates. Users do not need to manually install and apply the updates because they will be downloaded to the phone automatically.

Will BharOs replace Android?

BharOS is built on AOSP, which in turn is based on a few different Android iterations. Google maintains it as a result. Google regularly updates AOSP’s security backports. This implies that it won’t take the place of Android. However, if the OS is designed for businesses, it can be used in place of the Android operating system.

The BharOS developers have stated that BharOS-powered phones will not come with pre-installed apps. However, there is no information available yet on its features. It is unknown in this case if it would offer a privacy dashboard like Android’s, customized choices, and battery-related functions. It won’t be known until it is completely launched whether it will have an impact on iOS or not.

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