New Covid Variant Emerges; Should you be panicking?

In just the first week of December, the state reported 825 cases, compared to 479 instances in November.

TNI Bureau: The number of Covid instances recorded in the nation has suddenly increased, with 90% of the new cases coming from Kerala. In just the first week of December, the state reported 825 cases, compared to 479 instances in November. In just one month, the state’s daily case count increased from 12 to 150. In the last ten days, the state has also recorded deaths linked to COVID-19. The health department has instructed the relatives of the deceased to observe safety precautions when holding funerals.

According to the state health administration, co-morbidities’ problems led to the fatalities, whereas Omicron sub-variants were responsible for the infections. For a state with the largest proportion of senior citizens and those with co-morbidities, that is hardly a factor of comfort. Another distinct concern for the state is the high population density.

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Until the person is tested, Covid fatalities are not currently reported separately. After the last significant Covid wave passed, the health department loosened the regulations. However, Kerala’s health minister, Veena George, stated that the state is still vigilant about the infection. She claims that hospitals have been instructed to screen symptomatic people. The health officials stated that additional tests were done during the previous two weeks after the first spike in instances, which is why there was a slight uptick, and that there was no need for concern.

India has recorded a 1.19 percent death rate and an overall Covid toll of 5,33,306. According to the Union Health Ministry, a massive immunisation campaign has resulted in the country administering 220.67 crore doses of the Covid vaccine. As long as one considers the rate of virus transmission and the severity of symptoms, there is now no reason for concern. However, this does not imply that we should lower our defences.

The government needs to maintain its watchfulness and guarantee openness when disclosing incidents. It’s also critical to raise knowledge that Covid still exists, albeit in a reduced form. On their part, citizens need to be vigilant and practise proper hygiene, which includes using masks in busy areas. In order to combat the new wave of illness, government and citizen coordination can be very helpful. Although being vigilant is the necessity of the hour, there is no reason to be concerned.

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