Kyiv Under Attack: Key Developments

Russia plans a full- fledged attack on Kyiv on March 1, Tuesday.

Insight Bureau: Russia invaded Ukraine on Thursday. Russian troops have reported setting storm on Ukraine’s capital Kyiv.

Russia plans a full- fledged attack on Kyiv on March 1, Tuesday.

As per the satellite images, a convoy of Russian military vehicles were seen heading south towards Kyiv on Monday. The convoy extends 64kms.

Russian forces on Friday arrived near Obolon on the outskirts of Kyiv, but have not advanced into the centre of the capital.

The Ukrainian military have claimed Russian troops have tried to storm the outskirts of the capital but couldn’t succeed.

Russian airborne and special forces troops were involved in urban clashes taking place at north-western Kyiv.

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According to the Institute for the Study of War, Hostomel airport which is present at the west of Kyiv has evidence the most loss in the past few days.

Russia calls for immediate evacuation on Kyiv. Satellite images shows 3 miles long tank columns are seen on road to Kyiv.

Why Russia is chasing Kyiv?

➡️Kyiv is the power centre and capital of Ukraine.

➡️ Russia President Vladimir Putin wants to install ‘Friendly ‘ govt in Ukraine once his forces take over the capital.

➡️Ukraine’s major military installation are spread around Kyiv.

All Indian Nationals are advised to leave Kyiv today urgently sensing Russia’s attack over the Capital.

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