Keep an eye on child’s behaviour to check drug usage

Experts said that these symptoms could also indicate drug usage.

Lucknow: Psychiatrists have asked parents to keep an eye on their child’s unwarranted outings, particularly during night, illogical demand for money along with behaviour change.

Experts said that these symptoms could also indicate drug usage.

Shashwat Saxena, a local consultant psychiatrist, said: “Not all children with these symptoms consume drugs but if these symptoms are observed in one child, particularly between 15 and 19 years of age, parents need to observe and find out more.

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“Among those above 20 years, the symptoms might get delayed but kids reflect whatever is happening in their lives. If your child has started sleeping more than usual, shows irritating behaviour and demands going out in odd hours and does not want to share where they are spending money, parents should get alerted.”

Pranjal Agrawal, director, Nirvan Hospital, Lucknow, explained about the steps to be taken after drug addiction is diagnosed.

“We can say at least one in every seven Indians has consumed some form of drugs in their lifetime. The Union Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment had in a survey (excluding tobacco usage) found 15 crore people consuming drugs that included injectables and pills. This survey was done in 2018.”

It is important to focus on two topics, including “what leads to drug addiction and how to break its cycle’ and ‘how to rehabilitate drug addicts and what society can do for them”, said Abhishek Shukla, secretary general, Association of International Doctors. (IANS)

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