India Today Exclusive: Truth of Galwan Valley Clash!


TNI Bureau: Defence Expert and Senior Editor Shiv Aroor, who is said to have most credible contacts in the Indian Army, has given blow by blow accounts of what exactly happened on June 15 in the Galwan Valley. People may or may not believe his report, but in the absence of any credible information and confirmation, Shiv’s report is very close to the fact, as he has garnered information from his close sources.

The report describes the bravery and valiant efforts of Indian Troops as well as the treachery and premeditated attack by the Chinese. The report also confirms that 16 dead bodies of their soldiers (including officers) were handed over to the Chinese.

Here are the Highlights:

👉 As per the agreement reached between both sides, disengagement had begun at Patrol Point 14. The Chinese Observation post, set up at the vertex of the bend in the Galwan River, was removed. The camp was dismantled.

👉 Colonel B Santosh Babu, Commanding Officer of the 16 Bihar Regiment, was very familiar to the Chinese forces and even held talks with them on the day after the Chinese dismantled the camp.

👉 The camp re-emerged on June 14 under mysterious circumstances.

👉 At around 5 PM on June 15, Colonel Babu led a young team of 35 officers and jawans to the Chinese camp to inquire about this unprecedented development. They did not even think of any confrontation as the they were familiar with the Chinese troops positioned there.

👉 Upon reaching the Chinese camp, they realised some “irregular” Chinese troops from other region are deployed there – unfamiliar faces.

👉 While inquiring about the camp, Colonel Babu was hit by a Chinese soldier, which triggered the conflict. His team could not tolerate the disrespect and pounced on the Chinese troops.

👉 The first brawl ended after 30 minutes with injuries on both sides. It was a fist fight without use of any weapon. The Indian side prevailed and burnt the Chinese post to ashes. In the battle, some Chinese intruders were captured.

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👉 At around 9 PM, more Chinese troops arrived at the spot in large numbers. They used large stones to attack the Indians. Colonel Babu was struck on the head by a stone and fell into the Galwan River. He succumbed to the injuries.

👉 The second brawl lasted for 45 minutes and resulted in fatalities on both sides. The Chinese used metal spiked clubs and barbed-wire wrapped rods.

👉 As the tension escalated further, the Indian side received reinforcements from other Regiments, including Ghatak platoons. They went deeper to the Chinese side of the LAC aggressively, triggering bigger battle in which more Chinese troops were involved.

👉 The third brawl began after 11 PM and lasted till well past midnight. It was on the Chinese side. Many got injured and killed while falling from the rocks and into the river.

👉 The medical teams of both countries arrived late night after the brawls were over. Dead and injured were moved.

👉 In the process, 10 Indian Army personnel (2 Majors, 2 Captains and 6 Jawans) were held by the Chinese, not as Prisoners, but as the injured. Due to darkness in the night, soldiers from both sides remained with others.

👉 Both India and China provided treatment to the injured soldiers held in their respective areas. India released the Chinese soldiers and China did the same later. There was no “captivity” or “prisoner” situation. They were just treating the injured.

👉 While 3 Indian soldiers died in the night, 17 others succumbed to their injuries the following day. 76 others sustained injuries and are being treated at various hospitals.

👉 At least 16 Chinese Army bodies were handed over to the PLA after the 3rd brawl. It’s not clear whether the fatalities rose or not although many got injured during the clashes. Since China has remained silent on the injuries/fatalities on their side, the truth will never be known.

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