Facebook Debate: Who is the Bigger Threat to India?

TNI Bureau: Thank you everyone for participating in the Debate on external threat perception to India.

Our Question: Who is the bigger threat to India? Pakistan or China?

Your Views:

Sambit Nanda: Obviously, China is the most dangerous threat to India as it not only feeds Pakistan, but also trying to economically espouse Nepal and Sri Lanka & surrounding nations on India. Without support from China, Pakistan stands nowhere in comparison to anything with India.

Bhajaman Biswal: The Dirty, Influential, Criminal and Corrupt Politicians and their shoe-licking servants of the public are greatest threat to our country.

Anantanarayana Mahanty: “China”. It plays key role in injecting poisonous situation every direction.
1. Feedback to Pakistan Nepal
2. Fake and harmful products in business
3. Bio attack
4. Economic attack
5. Interference in UNO Matter
6. Shielding Pakistan from being declared a country of terror
7. Funding for Naxalites and terrorism

Asish Satpathy: China is a bigger threat because Pakistan is like its puppet. China is also brainwashing Nepal. China is a threat to global stability as well.

Ajit Dash: It’s China only. Pakistan is no more a threat. China wants to take some parts of J&K and some of our corrupt politicians are supporting it.

Simanchala Mishra: Not China. It’s Pakistan only. China is a parallel and developed economy.They know any war with India would spell disaster for its developed economy too. Further, the disputes with China are purely territorial. There has been threats from both corners in the last many decades but no war.

On the other hand, Pakistan, which is envious of India, has nothing to lose. They are in a medieval mindset and terrorist terrorist nation. They can’t compete with India on development. They want to see their half sister widowed even at the cost of own husband. History of last seven decades is enough to prove that Pakistan is the real enemy, not China.

Vijaya Singh: China is no doubt a threat to the world, not just India.

Subham Mohapatra: Neither Pakistan nor China, it’s our own mindset.

Shivaprasad Barik: Both the neighbors are frightened in our development.

Ashok Dash: China is our Enemy No. 1.

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Pradeep Acharya: No China, No Pakistan. Corruption and Politicians are the biggest challenge for the Nation.

Suman Kumar Panda: Obviously China. Pakistan is almost a broken country, they are broken from within, this is the only country where the majority Punjabi ethnicity people are not allowed to speak their own mother tongue. On the other hand, China is like Pol Pot, suppressing freedom and killing whoever objects to its policies.

Sarat Samal: Pakistan and China both are threats to India.

Sudhir Padhy: China is bigger threat than Pakistan.

Rajendra Das: None of them. Neither China nor Pakistan.

Gita Prakash C Mishra: PseudoSeculars-01, China -02, Pakistan-03.

Ajit Das: I consider China as the bigger threat than Pakistan.

Kundala Sekhar: They are not threats to us.

Suresh Dash: China is the bigger threat.

Suchintan Rout: Undoubtedly, it’s China.

Suvendu Mohapatra: Both of them as they are too scared by the growing influence of India in world politics ! As China wants to earn revenues from the 2nd most populated country in the world, and Pakistan is busy in his radical Islamic attitude, China is just isolating Pakistan. The recent developments due to Covid 19, many South Asians, European, USA companies are eyeing to invest in India instead of China.

Abhishek Saxena: Though the correct answer should be both, but I consider China to be a bigger threat than Pakistan. Whatever Pakistan does is on backing of China; it’s China who is finding Pakistan to become a threat for India. Not only that, China is a threat to India’s economic interests as well – I strongly believe that if there’s a way to control China, Pakistan would also fall in line!

Prabhakar Patnaik: China is a bigger threat to India than Pakistan. Due to its stronger economy, it has the ability to allure the smaller countries. Dragon knows well that India is its strong contender in the world.

Padmanav Patra: China is the bigger threat than Pakistan.

Jagannath Jena: China is a bigger problem than Pakistan in long term because it has the power with no principles and plays with India via Pakistan with proxy & petty game.

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