Facebook Debate on Rise of Hindu Nationalism

TNI Bureau: Which factors are responsible for the rise of Hindu Nationalism in India? What will be the impact? Give your views.

Janmejaya Mohapatra: Rise of Hindu Nationalism is primarily because of the misuse of the concept of secularism for vote bank politics. And, secondly because of the neglect Hindus faced over the decades.

Sibasankar Dasmahapatra: 1. Illiterate dictator, 2. Huge Unemployment, 3. Fake/proof less story against Gandhi and Nehru, 4. Target groups 18 – 35 years, 5. Propaganda thoughts easy to spread through Social media, 6. Old minded/ traditional opposition, 7. Collapsed judiciary.

Prasant Kumar Sahu: I think non-implementation of Uniform Civil Code, appeasement politics by various governments at different times and no action taken for injustice suffered by Kashmiri Pandits.

Abhin Adhikari: Provocation from other side making them show their strength by hook or by crook after CAA. The impact and this drama will exist till Delhi election after that everything will calm down and will start again During Bihar elections. If BJP wins Delhi and Bihar, then all these will stop like award wapsi and other protests.

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Silvana SC: Hindus were never fanatics or fundamentalists, in fact history shows us that Hinduism welcomed and accommodated people practicing other religions until the day these people launched full fledge invasions and converted millions of them either to Islam or Christianity, knowing that wouldn’t be normal if some people want to rise against dominating forces? Being a Nationalist is not the problem, who isn’t is the problem.

Jagannath Satapathy: Factors responsible for Hindu Nationalism-

  1. UPA’s Hindu Terrorist fake Concept Creation, 2. Continuous mass conversions by missionaries in the name of Service, 3. Excessive minority appeasement.

Impact: 1. Emergence of Narendra Modi and Co as saviour after Shivaji, as perceived, 2. Bollywood which once use to troll Hinduism as a joke in disguise, has changed its stand.

Dipak Mohanty: Rise of Hindu Nationalism can be attributed to the practice of pseudo-secularism, minority appeasement, injustice to Hindus particularly in Temple Act and running religious educational institutions by previous govts. Results of this shown recently when tricolor dominates green color in anti-CAA rallies. Most of Govt and private funded Madrasas are proudly saying they are celebrating and singing National anthem. Open anti-national activities in some universities are have been exposed and controlled. Moreover, the sense of nationalism is developed and felt among the masses.

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