Don’t Leave Your Child Unattended: A Doctor’s Request to Parents

A Sion Hospital gastroenterologist took to Twitter to describe his one-of-a-kind medical case. A 9-month-old child accidentally swallowed a nail in this case. The child was rushed to the hospital by her parents.

“Doctor! My 9-month-old child swallowed a nail”.

Kailash Kolhe- Gastroenterologist, Hepatologist, and Endoscopist, works at Lokmanya Tilak Municipal College and Hospital was sipping his evening tea when he was summoned by a terrified father.

The father informed Dr. Kolhe that his 9-month-old child had swallowed a nail. The child appeared to be in good health, but her parents were terrified. Looking at the situation, Dr. Kolhe realized that the child required immediate surgery and requested his trusted anesthetist.

The surgery began after the parents were informed of the procedure and its risks. Because the patient was only 9 months old, she had tiny organs and orifices, making the surgery all the more difficult. To remove the nail from the stomach, a gastroscope was inserted. Dr. Kolhe used a rat tooth (an instrument for retrieving a foreign body) to remove the nail from the child’s system after a lengthy procedure.

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“It was well past 1 am by this time and I was exhausted” added Kolhe in his Twitter thread.

Finally, the surgery was completed successfully and the parents were informed.

Dr. Kohle also stated that leaving your child unattended can be riskier than you think. There are numerous objects such as button batteries, sharps, and chemicals that can be lethal at times.

That 9-month-old child was lucky, but we don’t want to rely on luck when it comes to our children. After all, parenting isn’t easy for no reason.


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