Covishield 2nd dose gap to be increased up to 12-16 weeks

Govt suggests increasing gap between two doses of Covishield to 12-16 weeks

TNI Bureau:  The gap between two doses of Covishield vaccine should be increased to 12-16 weeks, a Central Government panel has recommended on Thursday. This is second time in three months, Covishield dose intervals have been increased.

The recommendations of the National Immunization Technical Advisory Group (NITAG) will be sent to the National Expert Group on Vaccine Administration (NEGVA) for approval before implemented.

First, the Government had said four weeks gap for the 2nd dose of Covishield, then it increased to six-eight weeks for better result and now again widened to 12-16 weeks.  Any way, no change in dose interval for Covaxin has been suggested by the panel.

The panel also said, those who have tested positive for Covid-19 and are waiting to take vaccine should delay vaccination for six months after recovery.

Pregnant woman may be offered the choice to take any Covid-19 vaccine and that lactating women are eligible for jabs any time after delivery, the panel added.

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